IFC to help municipal bodies with energy audit

INTERNATIONAL Finance Corporation (IFC) will soon start providing assistance to municipal bodies in carrying out energy audits (details of energy availability and consumption). Based on these audits, the corporation will provide financial assistance to energy-saving companies working with municipal bodies. IFC would also provide technical assistance to municipal entities in floating energy tenders. "We are in talks with more than 200 municipalities across the country. IFC would be providing these municipalities assistance in energy audits. IFC would also provide financial support to energysaving companies if they are not being completely supported by the municipal corporations,' IFC chief investment officer (south Asia) Anita Marangoly George told ET. IFC, a World Bank arm, has prepared a new manual in association with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and Alliance to Save Energy to bring out the energy audits. IFC claims 20-30% of India's energy requirements could be addressed if municipalities adopt the energysaving mechanisms suggested in the new manual. IFC would provide support to the municipalities throughout the bidding process for bringing the energy audits as well as awarding contracts to the energy-saving companies for the implementation of energy-saving techniques in the towns.