The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board found the Ganga's water near Lucknow unfit for consumption. Three outlets tested had a paltry oxygen content; toxic effluents offloaded by industrial units are killing the river.

From April 14 onwards, Gujarat's forest department carried out a 6-day census of the endangered Asiatic lions in the Gir forests.

The Delhi state government claims that it will soon ban, and make a cognisable offence, the smoking and selling of cigarettes by children under 18. The smoking and selling of tobacco in and around educational institutions, health centres and religious places will also be prohibited.

The Central government has made it mandatory for fluoride toothpaste manufacturers to issue a warning on the tube that it should not be used by children below 7 years.

The New Delhi Municipal Corporation has banned - on humanitarian grounds - scavenging by ragpickers. The move will rob the ragpickers of their livelihood.

The US-based ICF-Kaiser International Tramways is likely to revive the 115-year-old moribund tramways network in Calcutta.

A solar cell manufacturing unit has been planned in Bangalore by the Tatas, in collaboration with BP Solar of the UK.

The Bangalore state assembly hm unanir@ojisly adopted the Traim. plantation of Human Organs Bill 1994, to curb clandestine transplan tation of human organs and its cal lous commercialisation.

A sponsorship programme to be funded by the Children International of the USA, in collaboration with Sahay, a Calcutta-based organisation, will sponsor 20,000 children li - below the poverty line in West Beno by AD 2000.

The population of Hangul, the world famous Kashmiri stag which was on the verge of extinction, is on the upswing. A report of the jammu and Kashmir Wildlife Department stated that the Hangul population a now stood at 290 from an alarming 100 I 10 counted in the 1992 census.