oil sans cholesterol: A Chinese farmer has developed a technique that can help produce cholesterol-free edible oil from tea seeds. Fang Shunzhong of the Jinhua city, said that 14 kilogramme (kg) of high-quality oil of a transparent yellow colour can be produced out of 100 kg of tea seeds. At present, China-based Lansiang Green Food Co. Ltd, is the only company to use the technique for producing the oil. The oil will cost US $10 per kg. The China quality supervision and inspection centre says that the various indices of Fang's tea oil exceed those of the national first-degree edible oil standards.

water from air: Watermaster technologies, a Wellington-based company, has developed a process to produce clean drinking water out of thin air. Company officials said its airwell 2000 technology could alleviate drinking water shortages anywhere in the world. The method can help produce 20 litres of clean drinking water every day simply by taking in the surrounding air, claimed the company while launching the product. Watermaster has developed the technique with the help of Canterbury University. The airwell 2000 technology is cheaper, which can operate in any humidity range. In a three-stage process, the machine takes in air, extracts water from it then purifies it by passing it through an electrical filter and a charcoal filter.