Neem measures

THE Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has formulated quality specifications for neem-based pesticides as no specific quality control standards had hitherto been fixed. The growing demand for the ecofriendly pest control agents worldwide prompted them to come up with the two new standards - is 14299:95 and is 14300:95. These standards were designed for quality marking of pesticides containing neem extract concen- trate and neem-based emulsifiable concentrate (EC) as effective pest-control ingredient. The is 14299:95 specifies that the formulation should comprise azadirachtin content extricated from neem seed kernel or depulped neem seed and should assume a powder or granular form, light to dark brown in colour and of a repulsive odour.

Specifications have been made regarding nominal active ingredient content and the manufacturers have to declare them. Chemical properties including acidity, alkalinity, aflatoxin content and acetone- insoluble material have also been specified in it. The is 14300 contains specifications for neem-based Ec consisting of azadirachtin's physical characteristics, parameters like cold test, flash point, emulsion stability and heat stability.