Paradise lost

JAMNAGAR is one of three cities in Gujarat which boasts of a large lake: the Ranmal lake. Once the pride of the residents of this historic city, also known as the Paris of Saurashtra, the lake has now become a dump site for urban effluents and hospitals wastes. According to official records, 34 primary hospitals, including orthopaedic and maternity homes, are located on the two-km-long Summair Club Road.

None of these hospitals have proper sewage systems. As a result, heaps of surgical, biological and pathological wastes and untreated sewage flow into the lake. The pollution has not only destroyed the ecology and biodiversity of the lake, but has also posed serious health hazards to the town's residents. Toxic wastes percolate down to the groundwater level. And people use the polluted water for their daily use as the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation (JMC) supplies water only once in two days. The Jamnagar civic chief said JMC has taken steps to curb pollution.