Scalding waste

Residents oppose waste-to-energy plant in Delhi

residents of Okhla in Delhi have come out against a proposed waste-to-energy (wte) plant in the area, saying it will put the health of about 200,000 people to risk and pollute their water tank 100 m from the site. On August 4, they stalled the transfer of land for the project based on the controversial technology that burns waste to produce energy, and, in the process, releases toxins in the environment.

Environmentalists and researchers advocate composting and bio-methanation techniques over thermal processes for treating municipal waste.
The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (mcd) plans to build not one but three wte plants in the capital city. Scheduled to come up over 7.3 hectares in the residential areas of Timarpur, Ghazipur and Okhla (Sukhdev Vihar) by 2010, the plants will use over one-third of the city