SHREE PADRE farmer and journalist

The Insecticides Rules of 1971 stipulates that before aerial spraying is undertaken, all waterbodies should be covered. After people began protesting, the Plantation Corporation of Kerala (PCK) has begun to provide dried tree leaves and stitched up fertiliser bags made of plastic to cover the wells. But people of this area rely on streams running down the mountains for drinking water. Can PCK cover the streams? Moreover, the Act says it is the responsibility of the agency conducting aerial spraying to inform the people of their rights. We didn't know that the law says that if a domestic animal dies after spraying, a post mortem has to be conducted at PCK's cost. If the cause of death is established as pesticide poisoning, the corporation should pay compensation. Cattle deaths have occurred after aerial spraying in this area. Obviously, PCK has violated norms. But the district administration has done nothing despite our pleas.