Sunny invention

Scientists may soon develop an ultra-efficient solar panel by fabricating several layers of different coloured films. These films would harness the Sun's power in the same way as done by plants during the photosynthesis process. Plants use coloured leaves to absorb various wavelengths of sunlight and convert it into energy. It was important for scientists to develop films that allow energy from sunlight to excite molecules. During this process, one molecule would rub against its partner and generate energy. Researchers at the American Department of Energy's Los Alamos Laboratory developed a plastic that allows the molecules to remain stimulated for a billionth of second, long enough for the energy to flow through. The team has developed a red film made with the plastic. Scientists claim that the film can absorb energy from sunlight and allow it to pass through successfully. They are now planning to develop different coloured films that will absorb energy from their corresponding light wavelength and efficiently produce energy.