Vienna recently played host to delegates from 49 states who had gathered for a UN-sponsored conference to review a 1990 treaty on conventional weapons. The special focus of the conference, which began on September 25, was on limiting the use of tandmines which kill or maim about 20,000 civilians a yearHowever, the ambitious call of Boutros Boutros Ghall, UM secretary general, for a complete ban on the production and use of landmines seems unlikely as the49 slgnato des to the 1990 Convention an C Conventional Weapons agreed that 4 ban on anti-personnel mines at the c ence was overambitious.

Experts from the US, UK, China, 81 and Kenya got together late Septern a meeting organised by the World I Organization at Geneva. The gener. senus was that governments shout more priority to health education f youth In developing nations wh becoming increasingly vulaerab worrisome phenomena are increased tobacco use. violence and suicide.