Weed all over

a weed called mimosa is destroying the grasslands of Assam's Kaziranga National Park ( knp ). The weed has covered over 120 hectares of the park's area, thereby, threatening the lives of herbivore animals that feed on the grass. Mimosa devours the existing grass cover of any area. The park authorities are worried about the uncontrollable spread of mimosa as many animals like rhino and deer do not eat it. "The weed has spread to the park from neighbouring tea estates, which use to grow it as a soil stabilising crop,' said Utpol Bora, assistant conservator of forest of the park.

Efforts are now being made to uproot the weed by using methods like ploughing. However, Bora feels that the only effective solution is simultaneously weeding mimosa from all affected areas. But the problem of funds is proving to be a major constrain. Though the Union government has sanctioned funds for the same, they are yet to be handed over to the park authorities.