The future of Indian Universities

This volume emphasizes the need for fundamental reforms into the existing institutional structure of higher education and their governance so as to infuse much needed dynamism and renewed sense of purpose in the higher education sector in India. The contributors to the volume argue that universities ought to be dynamic institutions where new ideas are exchanged, mistakes made, and lessons learnt. The contributors highlight the fact that the university system in India is based upon a bureaucratic command and control system that constrains the freedom and liberty required for academic pursuit, and disallows flourishing of academic cultures in tandem with the changing demands of India's economy and democracy. This process of learning and constantly reinventing is not possible, if regulations are made with the purpose of exercising control leading to obstacles and hindrances for institution building. The only way for Indian universities to change, the contributors believe, is to expand autonomy, so that universities can find their own space within India. Promoting excellence in Indian universities is not just a goal that is worthy of pursuing, but the authors argue, a policy imperative that needs to be achieved.