The Shivalik range of Himalayas, represent the most fragile ecosystem in India, in order to restore the ecological environment in this area, a hilly watershed typical of the region of 21 ha area was brought under study in 1963. The watershed has been under complex protection and was treated by soil and water conservation measures during 1963-64.

Shivalik foothills in Himachal Pradesh are marked by frequent crop failures due to erratic rainfall, lack of irrigation facilities, serious soil erosion problem, unemployment and poverty. During the earlier days the villages of the region had their own ponds, which served the society. Over the period of time bond of the villagers over such common property is getting weak.

Economic infrastructure and agricultural development in Himachal Pradesh brings out an assessment of the progress made during 1981-2001 in Himachal Pradesh. In this paper, two major components of development, viz. the agriculture and economic infrastructure sector have been analysed at district level in the state of Himachal Pradesh.