The state has indefinitely postponed the release of the Sunderbans tigress that is undergoing treatment in captivity at Sajnekhali.

Chief wildlife warden N C Bahuguna said that following a recent directive of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), which ruled out the release of the big cat at the moment, the three-year-old tigress will now be shifted to a bigger enclosure close to the forests so that it can get acclimatized to the wild environment. The tigress will also get to hone her hunting skills, with the foresters planning to release wild prey in its enclosure.

There's big news for wildlife lovers.

With a sudden spurt in cub sightings in the Sunderbans, officials say there could actually be more tigers in the mangroves than what the latest camera trap study revealed — 103.

After finding the presence of at least 103 tigers in the Sunderbans, a figure more than the official estimates, the foresters now want to back the number with a Prey base of tigers in the Sunderban

Gadgets Used On Gir Lions To Track Big Cats In Mangroves

The forest department has decided to radio-collar ten tigers in the Sunderbans where population dynam ics of the big cats has al ways remained a mystery. And this time, an advanced set of radio collars, which helped scientists track tigers in Nepal and lions in Gir, will be used in the mangroves.