The Thar desert is rich in biodiversity of flora and fauna. In this region, despite of harsh climatic conditions several plants of medicinal and other importance occurs. In recent past due to various regions several plants have either completely lost their habitat or left in few patches only. Some of the threatened plants of medicinal importance with their uses and detais are presented in this paper.

Senna (Cassia angustifolia) a native of Saudi Arabia is now cultivated extensively in Western Rajasthan. The main advantage of the crop is that it does not require the application of any fertilizers and it is not devoured by insects, animals or birds. Also the plant is eco-friendly as it can be used for developing wastelands and does not require frequent irrigation.

Plants are an integral part of life and culture. Folk songs give an idea of plants growing in the surrounding environs of tribal's and throw light on plant-based practices in usage in various spheres of their lives, including the material benefits derived and recreational opportunities offered. This article talks about the desert plants like khejri, ber and its uses.