Pteidophytes do not form dominant vegetation anywhere on the earth surface now, but have been replaced by the seed bearing plants. Their occurrence in several small patches relays the message of richness. During the present study, 24 species of Pteridophytes were reinventoried from Vilavancode, Kalkulam and Thovalai sacred groves of Kanyakumari district, Southern Western Ghats.

During the present study, a total number of 201 sacred groves were enumerated in Kanyakumari District and reported 329 plant species belonging to 251 genera under 110 families. Among the 329 species, 12 species of shrubs, herbs and climbers are listed as rare, endemic and threatened.

A thorough exploration for the rare, endemic and threatened species in the sacred groves of Kanyakumari District in Southern Western Ghats is lacking. The tropical climate and soil conditions coupled with the religious and social beliefs enabled these groves to harbour a large number of RET species, which are on the verge of extinction. (Sep 2007)