The ban on digging of earth for making bricks and roads without prior environment clearance (EC) by the National Green Tribunal almost two months back has raised questions about how far it is being

Solid waste management or the absence of it in Dibrugarh town, considered one of the fastest growing industrial towns of Assam, remains a worrying issue.

There is no formal door to door garbage collection system in the town. Neither are wastes segregated at source. Waste disposed off by people in roadside bins or enclosures are collected in trailers by a few tractors and dumped in the open on the bank of River Brahmaputra at Maijan Road.

DIBRUGARH: The impunity with which poachers are killing wild animals, especially the one–horned rhinoceros in the State, is worrying. The recovery of the headless carcass of an elephant at Charaipung range reinforces the ineffectiveness of the wildlife protection measures of the forest department.

Since 2007, 93 rhinos have been killed, 12 of them in the last two months. In September last year, five rhinos were killed, two on consecutive days. The discovery of a rhino whose horn had been cut away while it was left to die a slow death last year, sent shock waves but since then, more such killings with the same modus operandi have taken place.