The issue, which has been raised with the union shipping ministry in the past, is likely to be raised at the next meeting of the Maritime States Development Council (MSDC) scheduled to be held in September.

“We deposit about Rs 5 crore per annum with the Central government as the oil pollution cess. We should be getting back some portion of it. Having already spent Rs 50 lakh for maintaining an agency, we require money for combating oil pollution in future also. Where is the money going tocomefrom?” said the official.

First 100% Solar Building In Gujarat To Be Opened Today

Gandhinagar: If you believe that solar energy is good enough only to cook rice in solar cooker or heat water as solar water heaters, you need to look further. Solar energy can also provide you the muchneeded respite from heat by running air conditioners (ACs).For the first time, all 40 air conditioners in the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB)’s new building will run on solar energy. The building will be inaugurated today.