The state of solid waste management in most of the urban areas of developing countries is now a major social and environmental challenge with the explosion of Population and the pace urbanization. In India in particular, the combined influence of poverty, population growth and rapid urbanization has tended to worsen the situation. In response to the waste challenge many developed countries have embarked upon ambitious environmental reforms, recording remarkable advances in best practices and sustainable management of MSW.

As per the 12th five year plan, 50 percent of the villages must attain ODF (open defecation free) status by 2017 and 100 percentage by 2022. Unhygienic practice often leads to spreading of infectious diseases, and increases illness and mortality among the most vulnerable group i.e., children. Bio-toilets, which are easy to install and cost effective, and offer environmental friendly solution for sustainable human excreta management. And improving sanitation condition of the state.