The scary thing about California's electricity mess is how quickly things went bad and the way in which seemingly small policy errors are having catastrophic consequences. For deregulators in other

An international team of sleep researchers has found a link between grinding or clenching of teeth during sleep, known as bruxism and sleep apnea, which involves potentially deadly gaps in breathing

The mad cow calamity is quickly turning into an economic calamity-and no country is

The U.S. is not immune : A European style mad cow nightmare seems remote-anywhere outside Europe. But the U.S. is neither isolated nor immune from the prion plague. And though there has never been a

In the mid-1990s, biologist Peter S. Kim discovered how the AIDS virus makes one key move during its deadly attack-and now he has come up with some promising defences. In the Jan. 12 Science, he

Around 1,500 people live inside China's Zhangjiajie National Park. Moving the families is part of an ambitious plan to restore the pristine beauty of the area, which was declared China's first

On July 2, the first fully implanted artificial heart was stiched into the chest of Robert L. Tools, a 59-year old librarian, at Jewish Hospital at Louisville. His failing heart had so debilitated

Pollution may soon kill South America's largest lake Maracaibo (Venezuela). The lake is forested with oil derricks, crowded with tankers, and saturated with sewage and chemicals. "The toxic level is

Economists have long argued that an efficient way to control pollution is to make those who cause it bear some of the costs via environmentally related or "green" taxes. These can run the gamut from

The failure of United Nations global warming talks on Nov. 25 comes as the U.S. faces serious energy problems at home. The country remains perilously dependent on foreign oil. Price oil and gasoline