Businesses are starting to snap up fuel cells because they can provide supplemental power almost everywhere, even in a high-rise office building. Instead of using combustion to produce electricity,

Hydrogen-burning cars would be the ultimate in clean vehicles, with tailpipes that emit nothing but water. So far, though, the dream cars have barely gotten rolling. One of the biggest roadblocks,

An 11-year cycle of solar activity has begun, heralding disruptive geomagnetic disturbances on earth. In past cycles, storms on the sun's surface have wreaked havoc with communications satellites and

The mining industry hopes to repeal Montana's recent ban on cyanide for extracting precious metals from ores. But Orex Gold Mines Corp. is staking its future on the environmentally friendly Haber

Until now, scientists have believed wind patterns and rainfall were chaotic systems, making long-term predictions impossible. But a study in the Oct. 23 issue of Science indicates that the weather in

Nature's photonic devices may one day just put Silicon Valley's best chips to shame. Robert R. Birge, director of the W.M. Keck Center for Molecular Electronics at New York's Syracuse University,

For years, U.S. energy and utility execs had a simple and direct response to the threat of global warming: Rubbish! Not every exec came to the same conclusion, however, American Electric Power Co.

The Japanese automakers are going green with a venegance. And there are several reasons. In the next century, as millions of new car owners in China, India and elsewhere take to the road, the

The cost of cutting back : A new study from Worldwatch Institute concludes that greenhouse gas reduction will boost the economy by spurring innovation. If economists can't pin down the costs, how

Engineers at NASA's Ames Research Center plan to launch the first plane on Mars. The estimated tab: $48 million. The Ames team, has already designed a robot plane and dubbed it Kitty Hawk. It would