The Zero Bus looks like a regular Mercedes Citaro bus except for the nine hydrogen tanks laid discreetly across its roof. That is the telltale sign that the Zero is in fact different :Tucked inside

Easily produced, germ weapons could wreak even greater chaos than suicide pilots in hijacked planes. Now there's evidence that Iraq, Iran, Libya, China, North Korea, Russia, Israel, Pakistan and

By electric car standards, the eight wheeled KAZ-short for Keio Advanced Zero-emission-is a roadrunner. And true to its name, it's a clean machine. Developed by Hiroshi Shimizu, head of Keio

Detroit's auto makers are suddenly getting the cold shoulder from Washington. After years of helping the Big Three beat back stricter fuel economy regulations, their friends on the Hill are

Polyfuel, a spinoff of SRI International in Palo Alto, Calif., has developed a micro fuel cell that promises to eliminate recharging hassles connected with cell phone or PDA. The core technology is

On the eve of his first trip to Europe as President, George W. Bush unleashed a torrent of anger from environmentalists and Europeans by digging in his heels on global warming. When a

After blasting away continuously for decades, the huge coke manufacturing ovens at Ford Motor Co.'s River Rouge site in Dearborn, Mich., left behind 12 hectares of land tainted with polyaromatic

In mid-March, George W. Bush made a stunning reversal of a campaign pledge to limit emissions of carbon dioxide, a culprit in global warming-and immediately found himself on the hot seat.

For years, energy-company researchers have been trying to mix oil and water. The goal was to create a cleaner burning fuel that could help meet tougher air pollution standards. Now, Lubrizol Corp.

In 5 or 10 years, your relationship with your electrical utility may be different from what it is now. For fixed fee, the power company might heat and cool hour home with a geo thermal heat pump it