Halford House believes that every drop of water-even wastewater-is precious. So the water quality specialist at North Carolina State University has built a self-contained water-treatment system that

An acuifer half the size of California lies hidden under the Great Victoria and Gibson deserts. "There are vast quantities of water out there," says Jeff Camkin, manager at the Water & Rivers

The aboriginal Orang Asli have lived beside the Selangor for generations. Soon they'll have to move as a 110-meter-high dam is being built . The dam is to supply water for thirsty Kuala

Now, companies are racing to decipher the human protein set.At least seven biotech companies are racing to develop new tools to mine the proteome-the complete set of human proteins-for clues to human

By splicing human genes-researchers have have enabled tobacco plants to produce a number of drugs and vaccines and even human blood components. Within 10 years researchers are hopeful that tobacco

In humanity's ongoing quest for knowledge, explorers are about to reach one of history's great milestones: sequencing the human genome-the entire set of human genes and everything in between. In

Investigators from Cornell University, using a powerful new technique to scan the blood of 3M's factory workers, were testing some serum they bought from commercial blood banks to establish base

It was a surprising admission. At Ford Motor Co.'s annual meeting in Atlanta on Feb. 11, Chairman William C. Ford Jr. set aside decades of auto industry denial about the side effects of its vehicles.

One scheme for reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that cause global warming is to set limits-and then let companies buy and sell the right to spew out the gases. This should cut

The vast majority of the thousands of dams in the U.S. are today used for irrigation and agricultural purposes-electricity produced by just 3% of them. "We can take some of these existing dams to