The clamshell containers that hold burgers and other fast-food sandwitches continue to evolve. Now, scientists at the US Agriculture Dept. are designing biodegradable clamshells made from wheat.

Energy woes and promising technology are giving the nuclear power industry a new lease on life in US : a

More companies are finding profits in "remanufacturing". With remanufacturing, goods or components are reconditioned and used again and again, saving energy, money and landfill space. Auto parts make

Bullets can be hazardous to your health-even before they're fired. Between coatings, solvents and a lead core, a total of 24 toxic materials have been identified in bullet production. So bullet lead

More German farmers are going organic and making good money in the process. The umbrella organization of organic farming associations in Germany, AGO, reports that the number of farms being managed

Tree breeders often wait decades to see results. But researchers at Purdue University's Hardwood Tree Improvement & Regeneration Center in West Lafayette, Ind., aim to speed things up. "We are

With stocks of cod in the North Sea dropping to alarming levels, the EU has imposed a 12-week ban on fishing the richest areas. That puts Scottish fishermen in a bind, and many of them, already

California's struggling utilities must be envious of their counterparts in New England. Several times during the past few years, New England utilities have stood on the brink of blackouts like those

The HIV virus is rapidly mutating, creating strains that defy some drugs. A study at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center reveals that 26% of new patients in 1999 and 2000 contracted a virus with

Steelmakers in the European Union are investing in new technology, and at the same time achieving cleaner production processes. Undeterred by meager profit margins and slumping prices, Europe's