Union minister of state for rural areas and employment Babagouda Patil on Sunday alleged that sub-standard pesticides brought into the country by Indian firms to make a quick buck had ruined the

In an unexpected gesture of generosity, the Union agricultural ministry has sanctioned an extra RS 2.5 crore for an ambitious pepper development project of the Kerala government. The sanction is

The European Commission plans to launch a programme for the energy sector in India focusing on projects relating to co-generation, clean coal technology and rural electrification. These projects will

High on an overdose of swadeshi potion it may be , the BJP -led government seems to be happily unaware of what the department of Indian systems of medicine and homeopathy under the union health and

The union ministry of textiles and the United Nations Development Pregramme ( UNDP) are planning another joint jute development programme. The ongoing five-year National Jute Development Programme

India will become a testing ground for anti hepatitis-B vaccine which is yet to get the US FDA approval for human testing. Cornell University , US, is believed to have chosen India as the test site

Trading of mica in Bihar has been severely afflicted by the strict enforcement of the Forest Conservation Act, passed in 1980, and the collapse of the Soviet Union, its major consumer. The situation

Five institutes led by the Indian Institute of Bio-Social Research and Development presented a unique management course to effectively monitor vegetational changes and structure management decisions

Silk production in Malda, West Bengal, which accounts for a share of 6.5 per cent in the state's raw silk output, has suffered due to large scale usage of pesticides in the neighbouring mango

The Orissa high court has settled the three-month-old controversy over the sale of kendu leaf in favour of the state-owned Orissa Forest Development Corporation (OFDC). On Tuesday, the court