Tea majors including Goodricke Group, Warren, Eveready, Jay Shree, Duncans and a host of other companies with interests in Darjeeling, are working towards the creation of a Darjeeling Development

The Planning Commission has called for intensive research and development (R&D) in the fisheries and maritime products sector to acheive the World Health Organisation's (WHO) recommendation of an

The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Phdcci) has said the new government should ensure a hike in public investment in agriculture sector with a special emphasis on developing irrigation and

After excelling in foodgrain and milk produciton. Punjab's farmers are preferring something really hot: chillies.

Another crop which has taken a beating due to unseaonal rains is Alphonso mangoes in Maharashtra. Nearly 50 per cent of the crop has been affected with exporters expecting the crop to start arriving

Unseasonal rains in Maharashtra have only managed to compound the problems for grape growers who were already reeling from the late start of the current crop. The grape crop, which is usually

29 other claims in offing : US-based MOnsanto Chemicals has filed an application with US authorities claiming patent right over Bt cotton, a pest resistant cotton seed claimed to be developed by its

The Ministry of Surface Transport (MoST) has identified 12 major and minor ports in Orissa along the 480 kms of coastline for modernisation and upgradation . Prominent amongst them are the Gopalpur

Indian Council of Agricutural Research (ICAR) plans to adopt project and scientist based budgeting from the next financial year with a view to bring necessary reforms for meeting the challenges of

Exports of marine products by some of the approved Indian fishery units to the European Union have already commenced and the number of such units will go up and the quantum of exports will also be