Mango the king of fruits is likely to cost a kings ransom this season. Though it was expected that this year's crop would be lower than the previous year because of the cyclic effect or more

The leading Dutch firm, Eurobrid is all set to invest $ 1 million in a poultry breeding project being launched in the country with the help of Pioneer Hatcheries. The project includes supply of

Credit rating agencies have finalised rating mechanism for plantation companies. Three agencies -Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd (Crisil), Icra and Credit Analysis and Research Ltd

State governments can levy sales tax on pan masala and gutka-pan masala plus tobacco. In a decision that will permit states to increase their revenues the Andhra Pradesh high court in the Pan Parag

Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee will inaugurate the first assembly of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in New Delhi on April 1. The three-day assembly will be chaired by finance minister

The Delhi government has identified 4000 acres of land for relocation of industrial units currently functioning from residential or non-conforming areas as per the directives of the Supreme Court.

Barnala: The government will not allow dumping of chemicals by foreign companies at any cost. He said that any activity harming the interests of the domestic industry would be dealt with

The timber trade in the Kallayi belt of Kerala, once the largest trading area in Asia and the second largest in the world, is now facing extinction with timber dealers attributing the crisis to a

Foreign mining companies have scaled down their operations in the Philippines because of uncertainties over a new tribal law and mounting environmental concerns, industry leaders said last

The construction of a global super-internet specifically designed for business applications will begin on December 1, a senior official said. Dubbed as "Project Oxygen", it will provide virtually