More than 200 people of 39 families have been displaced due to the flood at Sikidim of Tamku-9 in Sankhuwasabha on Thursday.

The police officers who are in the rescue mission have started to collect the numbers of displaced.

Landslides have started to occur at Devithandanda where displaced 18 families with 81 members were sheltered.

While the mid-west has shown no signs of improvement from the diarrhoea, the epidemic has now spread in Sunsari in the east.

The main water sources have been contaminated with the incessant downpour, thus affecting the people in remote places as well as in the district headquarters.

As many as 50 patients are treated for diarrhoea at the hospital in Sunsari district headquarters Inaruwa.

Responding to concerns over the government

The population of Royal Bengal Tigers in the country is satisfactory, the latest nationwide census on the big cat states.

The census, made public on Monday, allays fears that population of the endangered species might have gone down drastically due to increased poaching.

The collection of waste in Kathmandu Valley remains uncertain following an inconclusive end to the meeting between the local struggle committee, Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) and the Local Development Ministry on Monday.

This week locals of Kada and Pathraiya VDCs in Kailali spotted four freshwater dolphins in the Mohana River, a tributary of the Karnali. That

Locals at Okharpauwa landfill site obstructed waste disposal again from Thursday, the 36th time since an agreement was signed between them and the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) in June 2005.

Laxmi Khapangi in Patan Dhoka has to stand in a queue for hours at the nearby stone spouts for drinking water, as she doesn't get enough water at home. Sita Ghimire of Kupondol faces the same problem, and says she gets water only about once a week.

It stinks, it's dirty and many of Kathmandu's denizens have given up hope that Kathmandu's holy river, the Bagmati, can ever be salvaged. But two organizations want to give it a shot all the same.

Worried over encroachment of forest land and deforestation, experts have suggested a noble way to conserve the woods.

They said that the new constitution should incorporate a provision ensuring 40 percent forest cover in the country.

According to an estimate, forest land