The Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has given instructions for utilization of Narmada water by 2020 allocated to the state.

Due to irregularities and lack of planning, water in the dams has been going above its capacity. As a result the excess water of dams is released causing destruction in other parts. This season, the gates of the Tawa dam on Tawa river were opened twice and water released in the Narmada river. This led to rise in the level of Narmada river by 13 feet, and created a flood situation.

Fisheries Minister Shri Ajay Vishnoi inspected Bargi fish seedlings area in Jabalpur on Thursday. The Madhya Pradesh Fisheries Federation is undertaking the work of fish production in Bargi reservoir. Fisheries Federation managing director Smt. Veena Ghanekar was also present during the inspection.

A 12-kilometre long tunnel of 10 metre diametre would be constructed at a cost of Rs 799 crore for carrying Narmada water to the basin of Son river under Bargi diversion project.

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