Local body does not have wherewithal to manage its waste

Vellalore town panchayat has sought permission to use the Coimbatore Corporation's solid waste management facility. The Corporation has the facility - a waste segregation plant and landfill site within the town panchayat limits.

200 tonnes more of waste will be generated in future


Contractor used earth mover to uproot tree in city
Removal of a tree using an earth mover by a contractor for the purpose of constructing storm water drain along Dr.Balasundaram Road near the RTO office on Wednesday afternoon led to protest by non-Governmental organisations involved in conservation of nature.

It is learnt that a contractor who had taken up the work of constructing a storm wate

Takes up underground drainage repair work
Faeces and other dirt flow into the Muthannan lake. The sewage flows after the Coimbatore Corporation diverted it from the underground drainage network near Gandhi Park.

COIMBATORE: The four-month-long hiatus in conducting the Coimbatore Corporation Council meet did very little to cool Councillors, who were angry over the lack of progress on various development projects.

No sooner the Council meeting began on Monday morning than the Councillors were up on their feet complaining about poor drinking water supply.

Siruthuli and RAAC join hands to plant 1,04,572 trees in 2011

COIMBATORE: Siruthuli and Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore on Sunday launched

About 5,000 kg of plastic bags less than 40 microns thick seized in raids
COIMBATORE: Following the Plastic Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2011, issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, the Coimbatore Corporation initiated action against plastic manufacturers and traders as well.

Local bodies need to evolve a strong system of collection and disposal
COIMBATORE: A fresh crackdown embarked upon a couple of months ago against plastics by the Coimbatore Corporation signalled yet another brave attempt at curbing a problem that has actually managed to prevail over similar efforts so far.

Plastics, especially carry bags, have managed to cling steadfastly on to the people.

Coimbatore: Osai, a non-governmental organisation involved in conservation of ecology, has welcomed the announcement in the Governor's address to the Legislative Assembly outlining the decision of the Government to enforce a ban on plastics especially those measuring less them 60 microns.

President of OSAI K.

The system is expected to reduce dependence on individual private vehicles

COIMBATORE: Tamil Nadu Governor S.S.