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The first thing that strikes about them is their eyes: questioning the unfairness of this world. They are child labourers employed by the carpet industry of Pakistan (Rights and Wrongs). In

The Supreme Court has allowed the appeal of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) against a Gujarat High Court judgement, where a two judge bench of the court held against the company after a difference of

While whales must be conserved as a rare species, hunting the marine mammals is felt necessary for maintaining ecological balance

Pemex, the Mexican government oil industry, has been held accountable for damaging the environment, health and economy of people in the Atasta peninsula. Greenpeace, cemda (Mexi

But can the nations likely to be most affected by global warming the Maldives and Bangladesh impose trade sanctions on the us?

The UK government has been making efforts to get the European Union to ban a self-cooling drink can that uses HFC134a, one of the most powerful human-made greenhouse gases. The aerosol can be packed

Sri Lankan police in Mirigama has filed a case against the management of the Walls Ice Cream for allegedly polluting the environment that has led to health hazards in the area. The Attanagalla court

The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) has planned to launch 49 projects to phase out 5,000 metric tonne of ozone depleting substances (ODS) in 27 developing countries,

We are today dealing with politician who are not just corrupt but also incompetent and the latter is a far more serious problem

The Union government has issued notices to over 2,000 polluting units