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Efforts at realising the vastly untapped potential of hydel power in the country are hampered by lack of finances

Although small hydro projects are expensive, they are clean and renewable sources of energy and there is scope to reduce costs

THE BOOK focuses on a new environmental agenda for cities, followed by details on environmental problems in the home, workplace and neighbourhood. The treatment of the subject makes interesting

The urge to be close to nature guided Madeleine Slade, who came to be known as Mira Behn, throughout her life

THOUGH one dislikes pessimists who seem to have given up on our collective ability to put development onto a genuinely sustainable path, the fact remains they have enough evidence to demonstrate

Representatives of environmental movements in Asia have formed a body to protest the spread of golf

What is good for the environment in Himachal Pradesh seems to depend entirely on political ambitions in the state. HP governor Gulsher Ahmed's decision to revive proposals for huge cement plants in

LED BY giants Philip Morris and RJR Nabisco, the US tobacco industry has sued the environmental protection agency (EPA), claiming its report on passive smoking -- the inhalation of exhaled cigarette

India has been quite vocal about its interests at several international environmental conference

A UN body formed almost a year ago is still unable to suggest how to achieve its goal of sustainable development.