KOLKATA, 23 JAN: Seventy people fell ill and 5,000 people were affected following leakage of ammonia gas from a cold storage at Nagerbazar in Dum Dum today. Panic gripped residents and many fled the locality.
Around 5,000 people were affected and some of them were admitted to a local hospital. Residents developed breathing problems and eye irritation.

KOLKATA, 24 JAN: The leaking valves of the cold storage, which emitted ammonia gas affecting about 3000 people in Nager Bazar area in the northern outskirts of the city, were yet to be fully plugged this morning.

B Krishna Mohan / Hyderabad December 24, 2010, 0:59 IST

A three-member committee, comprising two officials from the Director of Factories and one pharma expert, will probe the gas leak at a production unit of Dr Reddy

Two persons died after inhaling poisonous gas at a manufacturing facility belonging to city-based pharmaceutical major Dr Reddy

A GAS leak at a manufacturing facility of Dr Reddy

Rajkot: Residents of the stretch between Nanamava chokadi and Nanamava Gam on 150-feet Ring Road were panic stricken as the main pipeline of Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) carrying LPG developed a leak on Monday.
Though no casualty or damage to property was reported, fumes could be seen emanating out of the pipeline.

Their campaign started gaining momentum a few days before obama's arrival.

Contrary to the claims made by Union Carbide Corporation — now The Dow Chemical Company — that the methyl isocyanate (MIC) which killed thousands of people in Bhopal in December, 1984, following a leak in its pesticide unit, was not highly poisonous, a report released by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has established that it caused not only “acute cyanide toxici

KANPUR: Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) director RD Goyal visited the company's plant in Auraiya on Sunday and ordered a probe into the fire that broke out at the plant on Saturday.

A senior official of GAIL was killed while three others sustained serious burns when the fire broke out at the GAIL plant in Dibiyapur in Auraiya, about 200-km from the state capital.

A committee has been c