In the wake of the leakage of toxic gases from a pesticide plant in Srikakulam district which forced people in 18 surrounding villages to flee their homes, government agencies may have been exposed

JAIPUR: Natives of Panchayawala village woke up to panic a day after the area witnessed ammonia gas leak; the gas started leaking again on Tuesday morning from the storage tank of the same ice factory.

After the police officials, civil defense and fire department temporarily sealed off the leakage on Monday evening by inserting a wooden stick in the valve; the gas started seeping out again on Tuesday morning.

The Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) has formed a task force for the rescue and relief of the citizens during emergency situations.

A 10-year-study in Bhopal has found that every second person who was exposed to the gas leak 28 years ago has abnormal lung function.

Says this will uphold the noble ideals of Olympic Movement

The Union Sports Ministry has written to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), urging it to cancel the sponsorship of Dow Chemical for the London Olympics. In a letter, dated February 24, to IOC president Jacques Rogge, the Ministry's joint secretary Rahul Bhatnagar said that such a step by the IOC would assuage the “feelings of millions of people”

Dow Chemical Co hoped an Olympic sponsorship would boost its global cache, but the company's link to a gas leak tragedy 28 years ago threatens to curb some of the benefits from the $100 million advertising deal.

As many as 25,000 residents of Bhopal, India, died in the aftermath of a 1984 gas leak at a pesticide factory that was owned by a subsidiary of Union Carbide, which sold the facility in 1994. Dow bought Union Carbide in 2001.

At least 40 villagers undergo treatment.

DIBRUGARH: Panic prevails in the Bordubi area in Tinsukia district following oozing out of natural gas from Oil India Limited’s well number 285 at Deosal Tea Estate under Bordubi police station fro

The toxic gas leakage at Sequent Scientific Limited in the MIDC area of Boisar, which killed four persons on Tuesday evening, may have been caused by old, worn out pipes, workers alleged on Wednesd

Four industrial workers died after inhaling hydrogen sulphide gas that leaked from a chemical factory in Tarapur on Tuesday evening.