In a dramatic turn of events, the National Green Tribunal (southern region) has decided to transfer the ongoing Sterlite Industries (copper plant) imbroglio to National Green Tribunal in New Delhi, citing “circumstances did not permit us” to hear the case further in Chennai.

The tribunal, which was supposed to announce a decision on an inspection report filed by a team of four on the alleged poisonous gas leakage on Monday, has decided to transfer the case to the principal tribunal in Delhi due to unavoidable circumstances, sources pointed out.

They say people of Tuticorin have been bearing brunt of emission

There was panic in the town after chlorine gas leaked from Panjab Alkalies and Chemicals Limited (PACL) early this morning. Residents of Jawahar Nagar Market area rushed out of their homes at about 5.30 am, complaining of suffocation and irritation in the eyes, Lovely Angra, a local panch, said. Pawan, another resident, said: " At about 6 am, I felt breathless and uneasy. I ran out of my house where I saw a large crowd already on the streets. Soon, we learnt that gas had leaked from the nearby plant."

The south bench of the National Green Tribunal ordered the constitution of a two-member expert committee to inspect Sterlite Industries's controversial copper plant in Tuticorin, which was closed a

BHOPAL: Contradicting Dow Chemical Company's (Dow) stated position and its opposition for higher compensation for gas victims, the leaked US government cables admits methyl isocyanate (MIC) poisono

The National Green Tribunal has ordered the constitution of an expert committee to inspect Sterlite Copper smelting unit in Tuticorin.

The fate of Sterlite Industries, and that of thousands of people of coastal Tuticorin, now depends on the south bench of the National Green Tribunal, which is hearing the company's petition against

The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) on Saturday ordered closure of Sterlite Industries Ltd.’s copper smelter unit in Tuticorin, in the wake of alleged noxious gas leak from it. The TNPCB, under instructions from District Collector Ashish Kumar, issued a notice directing the Vedanta group company to close the plant, officials said.

Company officials said they have started shutting down the operations of the unit complying with the TNPCB order, which came a week after an unspecified gas allegedly leaked in the area on March 23.

JAIPUR: Workers and villagers went on the rampage on Friday at Hindustan Zinc Limited's Dariba plant in Rajsamand after two of their colleagues died of severe burns and suffocation following leak of carbon monoxide from a boiler.

At least nine other workers were injured in the incident. They are undergoing treatment at a hospital in Udaipur. Angry labourers and villagers set ablaze parts of the administrative block on the plant's premises, a police van and two private vehicles besides hurling stones at the police force and the company's staffers. Some policemen also sustained minor injuries.

A deepwater well in a Krishna Godavari basin block operated by state-run Oil and Natural Gas
Corp (ONGC) has been leaking gas for two months and there are now fears of environment damage due to the uncontrolled flow.

The well G-1-9 in Bay of Bengal has been leaking gas since August-end and all efforts by ONGC to contain the flow have so far been futile. "This is a very old, drilled some eight or 10 years back. It wasn't producing till now and we had plans to put in on production sometime next year along with other gas finds in the area," a company official said.