Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Popular Pisciculture Association Manipur Vs. The State of Manipur & Others dated 05/01/2016 regarding construction activity in Lamphelpat wetland, Manipur

In response to a widespread decline in fisheries, scientists and policy makers have constructed models outlining the biological and social drivers that cause changes in fishing intensity and methods identified with overfishing.

They are taken to an aqua farm at Aaraikulam near Tirunelveli

ENLIGHTENING: A fish farmer with murrel fish at the training programme on Tuesday.

Fishermen risk life and limb to get their catch. Helping them assert their rights is the indomitable Mohammed Ali Shah, chairperson of the Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum and a member of the fishing community. "We educate fishermen about their rights,' he says. "We tell them about the importance of their vote. Without struggle, nobody can achieve their rights.' The World Forum of Fisher Peoples, an international organisation, has ranked the Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum as the largest and most exemplary in the world. April 2008