The World Bank has been supporting a comprehensive program to strengthen cooperative management and development within the Zambezi River Basin.

In response to a widespread decline in fisheries, scientists and policy makers have constructed models outlining the biological and social drivers that cause changes in fishing intensity and methods identified with overfishing.

>> Namibia's ministry of fisheries and marine resources has lifted a two-month fishing ban in the river Zambezi which was imposed in December 2006 because of bacterial contamination of the river's

Mozambique plans to upgrade an existing dam construction plan to avoid repeats of the flooding from the Zambezi river which has devastated the country in recent weeks. In the first phase, it

Mozambique is facing its worst floods in six years. Sweeping waters have so far claimed about 100 lives, forcing over 60,000 to flee submerged areas in central Mozambique's Zambezi River Valley. The

Fishes in the backwaters of the Zambezi river have been infected with a deadly but unidentified infection. It was strongest upstream in Namibia and Zambia. The fatal infection was first noticed by