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Various development and welfare schemes being prepared by the government for the upliftment of tribals merely exists in files and papers. None of the higher officials care to implement the schemes

ILO : NGOs put the number of working children at over 100 million, while the government places the figure at 11.28 million- a report.

The Nepal government has initiated the process of rehabilitation of the Kamaiya labourers in the district of Dang. In its landmark decision on July 17, the government had emancipated all the

The Union minister of tribal afairs, Mr Jual Oram, has said Central probes will be ordered into atrocities against tribals in Kerala and an explanation sought from the state for non-utilisation of

The tussar silk trade in Orissa, which sustains some 50,000 rearers and about 300,000 members of their families, has fallen on had days. Smugglers and black marketeers have done serious harm to

ILO: There are at least 90 million working children in the age group of five to 14 years in India, according to the International Labour

Orissa, home to as many as 62 tribes, may soon lose a few of them, with some of these tribes facing serious of extinction. Not only has there been an overall decline in the population of some of

The number of migrants around the world has jumped to 130 millions and could grow relentlessly under the pressure of increasing globalisation, the International Labour Organisation said. Peter

UNICEF : Motherless babies, children forced onto the streets to work, and millions of other youngsters growing up without the security of a family pay a heavy price for poverty, UNICEF report said on

Pakistan, as one of the six initiator countries of Child Summit held in New York ten years back, will convene SAARC meeting in Pakistan soon to prepare an update report on condition of children in