Ajmer: The Atomic Mineral Department (AMD) of India has started an aerial survey in Pushkar region to explore the deposition of Uranium after a preliminary confirmation of radiation in this arid place. A 15-member team including specialists from India, Canada, US and other countries will conduct the aerial survey with high-tech helicopters to find the Uranium deposit in the earth.

A survey began in Pushkar to check the availability of uranium resources. The atomic minerals department (Amd) of Central government began a survey on Sunday. For the survey, a 15-member team from India, Canada and some other countries arrived at Pushakar.
The team is staying at the Tilora village. In open ground of village a temporary helipad was constructed.

Pushkar, near Ajmer, Rajasthan, lies in the dry zone to the east of the Indian desert. In the vicinity there is evidence for three arid phases, during the latter part of the Pleistocene, each represented by a major sand sheet and fossil desert dunes. The earliest contains lenses of detritus which include rolled Lower Palaeolithic tools.