Decreasing water level in Pushkar Lake has come down hard on fishes and dozens of them died in last 48 hours.

Ajmer: The divisional commissioner of Ajmer on Thursday inspected the sand dunes of Pushkar and directed police to register case against illegal mining mafia who are extracting the sand from this r

After the expose of the recent corruption scandal in the state mining department, different organizations including the truck unions are standing up against the illegal mafia groups in Ajmer.

Hundreds of tourists who are attracted to a greener Pushkar this monsoon, are disheartened to see the lake not filled to its full capacity.

The tackle the problem of water pollution, the Pushkar Lake will soon have a coir mesh treatment system.

The recent heavy rain has gifted a fresh lease of life to Pushkar lake, which has both the locals and the tourists spellbound.

For the first time in many years, the lake is filled with water, which is also flowing to the surrounding ghats. Presently, the water level in the lake is 19 feet and the ghats make a beautiful sight. It is also for the first time that the water level has been recorded to be as high after the lake underwent a complete renovation four years ago. “I don’t remember the last time its water touched the steps of the ghats. Apart from the tourists, even the locals are thronging the lake because most have never seen the lake like it is now,’’ said Shravan Parasar, secretary of the Pushkar Purohit Association.

JAIPUR: The state cabinet on Wednesday cleared the proposal for allotting solid waste management contracts to private firms in eight cities.

AJMER: Wildlife census in the district began on Sunday morning and teams of forest department went to about 150 water holes to identify animals in different regions. In the first six hours of the census, small animals including snakes and cobras were spotted, but no trace of panther is found in jungles. There is a possibility of panthers being in Jawaja, Pushkar and old Beawar forest regions. For the last four years, panthers have not been reported in the census, but there are reports of attacks by the beast in some regions.

Jaipur: The peacocks in the state may soon be on the verge of extinction. Almost 10 peacocks are being poached every day in some part of the state. Even on Tuesday, over 12 peacocks were found dead while two others injured in a village near Pushkar.

The animal rights activists have raised a serious concern over dwindling population of the national bird in the state.

AJMER: The sewerage lines of Pushkar have started overflowing with the onset of monsoon in the region.

With drain water entering the holy Pushkar lake, the priests of Brahma temple are an agitated lot.