In a decision that will have wider repercussions on construction activity and employment, the Supreme Court on Thursday ordered stay on the illegal sand mining activities on the riverbeds in Rajast

Unified bylaws make solar power essential for large mansions & public spaces across Rajasthan

The occasion as a license to explode ear jarring crackers thus contributing to the noise pollution

The monsoon season is not yet over but scrub typhus, a rickettsial disease transmitted to humans by mites, is spreading in Kota division.

New environmental clearance required as crude proportion changed

A vacation bench headed by Justice Jawad Rahim imposed environmental compensation on Active Toys Pvt Ltd, BG Steel, Kesri Steels Limited (Unit-II), Agrawal Metal Works Pvt Ltd Asiatic Electrical an

According to a CAG report that was tabled in the parliament on December 8, five years since the Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government leased almost 3,404 acres of land - mostly in Jaisalmer, at pref

Rajasthan's new mineral policy announced by chief minister Ashok Gehlot after a gap of 17 years looks good on papers; however, concerns about eliminating scope of favouritism in mines allotment, proxy ownership and illegal mining remain largely unaddressed.
While unveiling the new policy on Friday, the CM had stressed upon bringing in greater transparency in mines allotment.

The state government on Friday announced new mineral policy 2011. It has effectively ended a minister's discretionary powers to allot mines. The discretionary powers given under rule 65 of the Minor Minerals Concession Rules will now be used in public interest by the Cabinet only.
"We have prepared the policy keeping environment balancing and corruption in consideration.

The department of energy finalised the Rajasthan Solar Policy 2010 on Thursday.