BMC health officials said there was no reason to panic about swine flu cases yet

NAGPUR: Right in the middle of peak summer, when swine flu was expected to vanish from the city, it has grown manifold.

IGMC docs told to find out reasons behind outbreak during summer instead of winters

PUNE: A 61-year-old woman from New Sangvi was among the two persons who succumbed to swine flu-induced complications in the city last week, taking the number of H1N1 deaths to 51 so far this year.

The study, conducted by the Sir Gangaram Hospital, has found that 52.9 per cent of the 151 patients analysed “had one or more co-existing medical conditions” and mortality was found in 8 per cent o

Five new fresh cases of swine flu were reported in Rajasthan on Wednesday making the total number of cases 245 in this season so far since January 1.

With swine flu (H1N1) positive cases increasing in the district since the last two months, health experts are worried about mutation in the virus strain and the virus' adaptability to seasonal chan

Summers are here and so are ailments related to the hot weather conditions. Suspected dengue patients have started arriving at hospitals in the city.

Swine flu claimed yet another life in the city on Monday when a 52-year-old man from Junagadh succumbed to the deadly virus.

MUMBAI: An 18-month-old boy became the first casualty of the H1N1 virus, previously known as swine flu, in the city in the last two years.