It is not just nitrogen oxides and particulate matter that causes pollution in the city. A new study claims to have found high levels of toxic benzene in Hyderabad’s air.

It says that the city now faces the challenge of a multi-pollutant crisis. And not just Hyderabad, but tier-II cities in the state such as Guntur and Vijayawada too are experiencing high levels of pollution.

This comes after the civic body terminatedthe agreement with a private firm.

Equipment to measure density of plastics yet to be procured

Salem City Municipal Corporation’s ban on sale and use of plastics below 40 microns could not be implemented from November 1 as planned, since the digital micrometers to measure the density of plastics have not been procured. With plastic carry bags, cups and water bottles choking the drains and sewers in the city, the civic body had in October held meetings with trade associations, commercial and industrial establishments and sought their cooperation in enforcing the ban.

It affects smooth movement of traffic too

Heaps of garbage piled up on Meyyanur Road, in front of New Bus Stand, for the last 20 days raises questions about the Salem City’s Municipal Corporation’s claims about maintaining sanitation properly. The garbage, mostly stale non-vegetarian food, waste from eateries, rotten fruits, and plastic waste is dumped along by roadside eateries, thus turning it to a dump yard and a place for dogs to feed on.

Rag pickers often set fire to the accumulated garbage

Smoke and stink from the Corporation's dump yard in Erumapalayam in the city continues to be a major problem for the residents around the area. Residents complain of health issues like eye dryness and lung problems and say that the smoke is so intense that that are not able to breathe properly

Mild tremor was felt in a cluster of villages and hamlets at the foothills of Kalrayan Hills near Talavasal in Attur block early on Friday. No loss of life or damage to property was reported.

No tremor was recorded at the Meteorological station in Salem.

Water from the Cauvery is not enough for the city

Dedicated water supply scheme already sanctioned

It has been delayed by administrative issues

For more water: Work on sinking borewells in progress at Maruthi Nagar in Salem on Thursday.

SALEM: Planting of saplings, distribution of handbills and organisations pledging support to increase the green cover were some of the major events of the World Forestry Day observance in Salem city.

Cadres protest against Corporation

TWAD Board takes up laying of distribution pipelines

In full swing: Workers laying new drinking water distribution pipeline at Bharathi Nagar in Salem.