Palak Shah / Mumbai September 3, 2008, 0:40 IST

Over 100 chemical storage tanks built at the Pirpav jetty near Chembur have been operating without approvals from the ministry of environment and forests for over 18 years. Each of these tanks has an average capacity of 200,000 kilolitres of oil.

Radhakrishnan Kuttoor

ARANMULA: The dumping of huge quantity of waste generated at the Oottupura of Sree Parthasarathy Temple here on the banks of the Pampa and the liquid waste flowing directly into the river have been causing pollution of the river.

The pollution status of the river has gone up considerably with the beginning of the festival season of Vallasadya, ritualistic feast given to oarsmen of snakeboats, at the temple. An average of three Vallasadyas take place at the temple every day during the period, according to temple authorities.

Not averse in sacking the Board
PANJIM, AUG 27 - The Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) was today whipped on the floor of the House with Environment Minister Alex Sequeira agreeing that the Board was playing football by passing the buck on other departments over serious issues of pollution irking the State's environment.
The Environment Minister told the House that he himself was frustrated and would not hesitate to explore the possibility of sacking or dismissing the Board following demands from the MLAs on the same.

CHENNAI: The dumping of untreated waste




About 100 kg of gold and silver is being sold in jewellery shops in Tripura every month, according to the Tripura Chamber of Commerce. Traditionally, families in Tripura have had a huge stock of gold because tribal people had been gifted gold by erstwhile kings and during the post-1971 exodus from Bangladesh, non-tribal families brought only gold with them. Now Tripura is importing gold to meet

Mumbai, August 12 Environment Status Report says unfit water samples up by 37 pc; in peak hours, vehicles move at 5-8 km per hr, holding up ambulances
The grades on the city's annual environmental report card are slipping with drinking water getting more contaminated than last year, decibel levels shooting up and air showing high level of pollutants in some areas.

the Madhya Pradesh High Court has ordered closure of 1,712 illegal mines in the state. Of these mines operating without the approval of the state pollution control board, 253 are extracting major minerals and 1,459, minor minerals. The court asked the state