The water resources ministry has inched closer to imposing a higher and unified cess on the use of water by industry. A sub-group of the ministry has affirmed that a cess on industrial use of water is necessary.

Water: industry is misusing it, but for how long?

Energy: economic and environmental compatibility

Agro based pulp and paper: technological inability?

Tanneries: ill managed, technologically challenged

Pesticides: what"s the way out?

Environment managers do not count

Profits and a cleaner environment can sometimes complement each other. But Indian companies are still mired in poison. They must now look for a cure. They must act now

This study was taken up at the instance of Planning Commission, with a primary objectives of understanding the functioning of the SPCBs and their efficacy in controlling water and air pollution, finding out the efficacy of functional tools employed by them in carrying out their objectives and identifying the constraints to their effective functioning.

Industries will have to pay a higher tax on water