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Ahmedabad: The Wildlife Institute of India and Wildlife Trust of India have recommended Kuno Palpur as a possible site for reintroduction of cheetah. Banni Grasslands and Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat have lost in the race for reintroduction of cheetah.

Amid controversy over dislocation of families and other vital installations like Indian Oil and ITBP station, the Ministry of Environment and Forest, has set up a committee to study how the old Gola elephant corridor between Haldwani and Lalkuan, which has virtually been blocked following increasing human habitation in recent years, can be revived.

Enumeration of tigers through camera trapping method is underway in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.

Around 100 sophisticated cameras have been installed at previously selected areas within Dudhwa to count the big cats in the reserve, Deputy field director, DTR, Sanjay Kumar Pathak told PTI.

The enumeration process started on Monday.

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In the backdrop of concerns regarding the dwindling number of tigers in the country, the ongoing tiger census has brought some more alarming news from Bihar. At the Valmiki Tiger Reserve

The hunter has once again become the hunted.

But this time it's the agile leopard that is on the radar of poachers as vigilance has tightened around the illegal trade in tiger parts across India, say wildlife experts. The leopard's skin and bones are equally in demand in the international market and wildlife conservationists say up to 500 of these big cats are killed every year for these.

DEHRADUN: If all goes well then cheetahs, which have been extinct in India since more than six decades will once be seen in the wilds here. The government of India is planning translocation of African cheetahs.

Technology To Help Analyse Migratory Pattern, Breeding
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Ahmedabad: After an awareness campaign to save the whale sharks along the Gujarat coastline, Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), Gujarat forest department and Tata Chemicals have decided to do a study on their habitat, based on a technology used by NASA.

It's a new year gift to nearly 1,000 elephants and other wild species who can now wander freely without any human interference through the Kollegal corridor in Karnataka.

The United Nations today launched the International Year of Biodiversity, but goals of conserving the range of ecosystems as well as biological diversity in Assam appear unattainable.