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penguins are not as harmless as they look. Recent research in Antarctica has revealed that they steal each other's eggs and may even peck each other to death to guard their territory at remote,

irate locals demonstrated at the Keibul Lamjao national park in Manipur on January 8, blocking the entry of government vehicles and tourists. The park is a natural habitat of the brown-antlered

The Okavango ariver's delta in Botswana, a wildlife sanctuary that has so far been able to protect itself from the ravages of human intrusion, is currently under threat from surrounding regions


The mountainous region of Lak Xao in Central Laos has emerged as a haven for timber and wildlife pro

A new technique to preserve the giant panda using in vitro fertilisation, has set off a debate. The technique s opponents would rather welcome an improvement in the animal s natural habitat

THIS is a delightful portrait of the now' extinct Ursus spelaues, largest of the bear family. Known to have coexisted with the Neanderthal human and later, with humans of our own spe Icies

FROM the miasma of late 18th century Manchester to the Earth Summit at Rio, Markham's 'tourist guide to pollution', turns out to be much more than that. Beyond the travelling roadshow of

Conservation policies practised in the developing world need to tread cautiously on territories which had for generations, belonged to the people, says a statement by the Centre for Science and Environment

• Produce a white paper on the status of wildlife in the country, which also evaluates the current conservation policies and their effectiveness. • Reassess the Wildlife

There is more than just fun for the occasional visitor to a national park the economics of its conservation