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Publishers worldwide need to be goaded to specialise in environmental publications, but the fair was piled high with coffee table glossies on wildlife and environment, some targeting children.

A critique of recent suggestions to hack tusks, horns and other poachers' delights to save endangered animals.

Lack of a scientific approach towards wildlife management is telling on Indian flora and fauna.

ZIMBABWE has been dehorning rhinos for almost a year in a desperate attempt to save them from poachers. The country's rhinoceros population has declined from 2,000 a year ago to less than 500 today.

WEALTHY Arabs, who angered environmentalists in India for hunting the rare Great Indian Bustard, have touched Tanzanian wildlife experts in the raw for allegedly using automatic weapons to mow down

A wilderness park nurtured carefully by a former maharaja of Bhavnagar looks decrepit today, with its resources plundered and its wildlife dwindling.

MOUNTAINS have always enjoyed a special status. Their beauty and mysticism have inspired poets, philosophers and even fairy-tale tellers. We accept their importance as sources of minerals and water,

WHICH wildlife sanctuary in India is the world's only floating sanctuary? And, did you know the giant clam lays one billion eggs at a time? These are some of the fascinating facts on natural life put

IT WAS a strange case of politicians taking out their venom on snakes. Angry CPM workers in Kerala vandalised and set fire to the Parassinikkadavu Snake Park in Kannur. The reason for the wanton

Conservationists in Kerala want to ban an arrack shop located in the heart of the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary because it endangers the grizzled giant squirrel (Ratufa macroura dandolena). The Idukki