Interim committee report on restoration of Aravali forest land in Dadam hills damaged by mining, 03/03/2023

Interim committee report on the restoration plan of Aravali forest land in Dadam hills (Bhiwani) damaged by mining. Five people were killed in a landslide at a mining site of Dadam in the Bhiwani district. The NGT had taken cognizance against illegal and unscientific mining in violation of EC conditions in and outside the forest area. The NGT sought a report from an eight member committee.

As per satellite imagery report of HARSAC, illegal mining in forest area (non-mineable area) has been done in total area of 1.533 hectares instead of 0.8 hectares.

The forest department has proposed that the restoration of the damaged area should be done in two phases. Phase 1 will comprise backfilling. As was evident from the report of the mining department, mining up to a depth of 300 ft has been done.  On inspection of this area, the entire mining area has several deep mining pits.

Hence, the first phase in the reclamation of the land will be the back filling of the pits by the project proponent, Govardhan Mines and Minerals. The pits that have to be backfilled have been identified. It was also proposed a part of the excavated pits will remain unfilled to be used as catchment of water. 

The first  phase will also include nursery raising of native species and plants native to the area will be planted.

Phase 2 will include the reclamation of land. Reclamation of land will be carried out by landscaping or site preparation, soil amelioration and re-vegetation activities. For the purpose of effective management, the entire phase 2 activities will be carried out in 6 different zones.

Note: The report of March 3, 2023 was uploaded to the NGT site, April 12, 2023