Joint Committee report by Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board on Monnet Daniel Washery, Ranchi, 10 Nov 2022

Joint Committee report by Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board (JSPCB) in Original Application No 479 of 2022 (Krishna Chouhan Vs State of Jharkhand).

The matter related to allegations of environmental pollution by Monnet Daniel Washery situated at Khalari block, Ranchi district. It has been alleged by the applicant, Krishna Chouhan that the Project Proponent has stored heavy quantity of rejected coal in Monnet Daniels Coal washery situated in the area of KDH in Khalari block, district Ranchi and has also blocked the road near KDH weighment bridge with coal sludge. The rejected coal stock caught fire which is emitting smoke adversely affecting the health of the residents of the locality. The above said Project Proponent is continuously violating provisions of the Air Act 1981 and is also contaminating the water by discharging untreated effluents in river Sona Dubi.

The NGT, August 10, 2022 directed the constitution of a joint committee to verify the factual position and take remedial action.

The Joint Committee visited Monnet Daniels Coal Washery, September 26, 2022. The committee found that a large quantity of coal was stocked in the project area - whereas in the environmental clearance it is mentioned that only one day's stock shall be stored in the stockyard. In the north and north east direction of the project and near the weighbridge area coal stock was observed outside the project boundary area (at some places 5 to 6 metre beyond the project boundary area).

Boundary wall was found broken and coal was found 5-6 metre beyond the project boundary and occupied a portion of the road. Coal dust and broken coal was observed on the road - a potential source of air pollution. A long jam of trucks was observed near the weighbridge area. Tarpaulin covering was not observed over the coal transportation trucks that brought coal from mines to washery. 

Bank of Sonadubi river was within 20-21 metre from the area of coal waste rejects and large quality of coal was observed on the slope facing the Sonadubi river.