Judgement of the National Green Tribunal regarding sewage pollution of Cooum river, Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu, 29/03/2016

Judgement of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Mr. R.V. Baktavachalam & Others Vs The Secretary to Government, Municipal Administration and Water Supply (TP.2) Department, Chennai & Others dated 29/03/2016 regarding letting out sewerage water into Karunakarachery Panchayat, Soranjeri Panchayat, Thirumanam Panchayat, Kannapalayam Panchayat, Annambedu Panchayat, Situkadu Panchayat and Anaikattucherry Panchayat’s Cooum River as well as in the upstream portion of Cooum River from its origin in Cooum Village in Tiruvallur District.

As reported in the reply filed by the TNPCB, construction of 3.0 MLD common STP for Respondent Thirumazhisai Town Panchayat was completed and is ready for commissioning and underground cast iron pipeline up to Sorenjeri Panchayat, was laid for disposal of the treated sewage into the Cooum river but objection is raised by the Applicant Karunakarachery, Soranjeri, Thirumanam, Kannapalayam, Annambedu, Situkadu and Anaikattucherry village Panchayats for the disposal of treated sewage into the Cooum river near Anaikattucherry. Hence the Respondent Thirumazhisai Town Panchayat has proposed to change the treated sewage disposal point to Paruthipattu, Anaikattucherry and therefore the length of the pipeline now goes up to 12.4 km. and the laying of the pipeline is under progress.