Judgement of the Supreme Court of India regarding freedom of expression, 05/09/2018

Judgement of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of N. Radhakrishnan Varenickal Vs Union of India & Others dated 05/09/2018 regarding freedom of expression. The matter relates to banning a book on the foundation that a part of it is indecent and offends the sentiments of women of a particular faith.

Apex Court while dismissing the Application said that "the imagination of a writer has to enjoy freedom. It cannot be asked to succumb to specifics. That will tantamount to imposition. The final publication must not run counter to law but the application of the rigours of law has to also remain alive to the various aspects that have been accepted by the authorities of the Court. The craftsmanship of a writer deserves respect by acceptation of the concept of objective perceptibility."