Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding construction of road affecting a water system, village Malla Dhadhariya, Almora district, Uttarakhand, 19/10/2022

The National Green Tribunal (NGT), October 19, 2022 said that whether Taradi-Dhabra Shashikhal Motar Marg above the Naula of village Malla Dhadhariya requires environmental clearance (EC) in view of EIA Notification 2006 needs to be looked into by the authorities.

A naula is a naturally-occurring water aquifer. It is a stone-lined tank which catches dripping water from springs and streams. It looks like a temple from outside and is equally regarded as such.

Ganesh Chand Sharma in his application before the NGT, April 10, 2022 said that the Taradi-Dhabra Shashikhal Motar Marg should not be constructed and an alternative route must be adopted to protect the naula from damage. The matter is listed for consideration, February 15, 2023.